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Medicaid and the Child’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide both low-cost and free health care coverage to those in the United States that currently have no coverage. This program provides health coverage to over 60 million Americans nationwide and 4 million Texans. Medicaid can be used to cover your child’s medical bills including doctor, dentist and hospital visits, as well as prescription medication. The Medicaid services your child receives will depend on where the child resides in the states and if he or she has any pre-existing medical conditions. If the child has a disability or chronic illness, Medicaid may also be able to offer additional services to your child.
What Medicaid Offers
Children’s Medicaid in Texas will cover most health services:
- Routine doctor visits
- Vaccinations
- Medications prescribed by a doctor or dentist
- Lab tests/X-rays
- Hospital visit
- Eyeglasses
- Dentist visits
- Transportation to the doctor
The majority of children with Medicaid will receive their services through a managed care plan such as STAR. When the child is approved for Medicaid, the parent or guardian chooses a plan that will work best for the child. Then the child’s primary care provider must be chosen, as this will become your child’s main doctor.
STAR+PLUS is a type of Medicaid program offered to both children and adults with long-term illnesses and disabilities.
Candidates for Medicaid
Children under the age of 18 who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, Texas residents and whose families have a limited income can obtain health coverage through Medicaid. In order for a child to qualify for Medicaid benefits, the family must meet certain income limitations. To find out if your child qualifies for Medicaid benefits visit the Children’s Medicaid website to see the income guidelines chart. The cost of Medicaid is nothing; however, children who receive their benefits from CHIP will pay no more than $50 annually for coverage.
Even pregnant women can apply for either Medicaid or CHIP perinatal services to provide healthcare coverage for both them and their unborn children.

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